Ya Es Hora!

Ya Es Hora! How ridiculous that the House is incapable of bringing a Bill to the floor for a vote. If the Senate can bring a Bill to fruition there is no reason for the House not to also bring forward a Bill. IMG_0536
If the House Republican leadership and its members are unwilling to perform elected duties, perhaps they could step aside/be replaced in the upcoming election. 

Everyone be sure to register to vote and be there on Election Day this year!

Ya Es Hora!



Happy 4th!



From FDR's home, Hyde Park, NY


Elementary school shootings, mass murders in movie theaters, and random gang drive-bys are unacceptable "ways of life." 

What can we do? We can ask manufacturers to stop profiting from innocent lives. We can buy back as many guns as possible from our communities, restrict the availability of military weapons and ammunition, and give local police our support in taking guns off the street. Let's tell our congressional representatives to act on military-grade (eg. hi-capacity) weapons and keep the pressure up.